Tree Cutting & Tree Removal Services

Expert Tree Care

Trees add a level of natural drama to any landscape, so make sure they stay healthy for longer with property tree care from OneCall Property Maintence. Tree maintenance is important when you are taking care of a residential or commercial property.  Trees that are regularly maintained will be healthier, safer and look more pleasing to the eye than trees that are left to grow in their wild state. We provide comprehensive services to properties throughout the Arab, Scant City, Joppa, Eva, and Cullman areas.

Our Tree Services include:

  •  Pruning
  •  Trimming
  •  Topping
  •  Raising canopy
  •  Lot clearing
  •  Cabling
  •  And much more


Tree Trimming Promotes Healthy Trees

Routine maintenance and care for trees greatly reduces the risk of branch or trunk failure after storms and the occasional heavy snow.  Tree trimming eliminates weak and dead branches, as well as unbalanced tree structures, that are prone to fall during strong winds.  A pruning regimen can also help increase airflow in a tree which makes it less susceptible to damaging winds.  Tree trimming also keeps branches away from structures and driveways, so that falling limbs won't cause damage to property. We can help save you from the cost and inconvenience of an emergency tree cleanup or emergency tree removal with one quick visit.


Prevent the Spread of Disease

It is often necessary to trim or cut down a tree when the tree has become infected with a disease such as Dutch Elm Disease or if it has been afflicted by a parasite such as the ash borer. It's possible that a tree can be saved by removing infected branches. Removing infected limbs also promotes safety because these weakened structures are much more prone to fail and cause damage to people and property.  

Storm Damage Clean-Up & Removal

tree damaged by stormHeavy storms can be very destructive comes to trees and extended branches and make a huge mess on your property. If your property has been left scattered with debris, OneCall Property Maintenance can clear the damage from your property and then tend to any other damage that the storm may have caused.





Our Storm Damage Clean-Up & Removal services include:

  •  Tree pruning
  •  Tree trimming
  •  Topping
  •  Raising canopy
  •  Cabling
  •  Lot Clearing

We are a fully licensed and insured business that provides quality services at affordable and competitive rates. Call us today at 256-200-6054 for a free estimate, because OneCall does it all.